Smart pump monitoring at the Rötelsberg pumping station

With its compact vibDOT multi-sensor node, BestSens AG is setting new standards at the pumping station of Fernwasserversorgung Oberfranken (FWO) on Rötelsberg in the district of Bamberg. The newly inaugurated elevated tank with pumping station, part of the so-called Scheßlitz branch from Bamberg to Mainleus, serves to secure the drinking water supply for the population.

Since its commissioning at the end of October 2023, vibDOT has been supporting the state-of-the-art system by recording the vibration and temperature of the pumps on site during operation. The integrated sensors send the data directly to the cloud. The vibDOT’s ability to collect real-time data and provide alerts plays a crucial role in the early detection of deviations and potential problems. In the water supply industry, this proactivity is essential for minimising downtime and ensuring a continuous supply.

Sebastian Stich, Managing Director of BestSens AG, is delighted with the successful field deployment: “The use of the vibDOT by our partner FWO at the Rötelsberg site emphasises the potential of our technology. We are making a contribution to a long-term reliable and efficient water supply system. The regional application of our product makes it clear that our development not only has a direct impact in theory, but also in practice.”
The measured values for temperature and vibration are recorded directly on the pump housing and transmitted to the DOTbox via Ethernet, and from there to the cloud via LTE. The user interface allows the history and current data to be viewed immediately. Critical events and deviations are displayed using a traffic light system, with customisable alarm thresholds ensuring precise monitoring. This allows changes to be recognised immediately and any necessary action to be taken.