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BestSens Technology

A unique approach to monitor rolling bearings

Conventional condition monitoring systems generate an alarm only when the damage to the bearing has already been done.
The unique Bearing Monitoring System „BeMoS® monitors up to four rolling bearings in-process and delivers the measurement data online. Causes for excessive wear and premature bearing failure can thus be identified early enough and countermeasures can be taken.

Based on the technology of surface acoustic waves, the BeMoS® multi-parameter measurement records all relevant variables of bearing and lubricant with one single system.

BestSens technology

BeMoS® consists of two special microacoustic transducers, the BeMoS® Sensors, which can be mounted like a screw in the bearing seat. The BeMoS® sensors are connected to the BeMoS® Controller via the BeMoS® Cable.

The BeMoS® controller sends electrical voltage pulses that the BeMoS® sensor converts into mechanical vibrations which in turn are transferred to the bearing race. The mechanical vibrations generate a surface acoustic wave that propagates along the exterior and interior side of the outer race of the bearing and is then reconverted into an electrical signal by a second BeMoS® sensor. The propagation of the surface acoustic wave depends on the mechanical load of the outer race and is also influenced by the lubricant as the wave interacts strongly with liquids.

Measurable condition parameters

Measurable condition parameters

From the signal containing the interaction information the four quantities lubricant state, shaft load, temperature and cage speed are extracted by means of algorithms in the BeMoS® controller. The data is updated every two seconds and made available to the user via various analog and digital interfaces. The client software – the BeMoS® Analyzer – is the focal point from which you can access every BeMoS® controller in the network and read its measurement data.

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