dry run

Early detection and prevention

Dry running is fatal for the seal, especially in the case of media with a gas load. Short dry runs often occur, which are not noticed immediately in the normal state, but affect the service life of the seal in the long term. Careful observation makes it possible to estimate the service life of the seal and to identify potential problems at an early stage.

In the diagram, you can see that the characteristic value initially goes beyond the green range. This indicates damage to the seal. The values then fall into the red range. If this happens, the seal is running dry and action should be taken quickly to prevent damage.

Analysis and condition assessment

In order to record the condition of the seal as quickly and transparently as possible, the BestSens web app provides important insights into the condition of the seal over a certain period of time. The figure “Seal Condition Report” with the results of the last 30 days illustrates that the seal has gone through phases of poor condition and dry running during this period. The fluctuations highlight periods of dry running or other challenging conditions. Precisely analysing this data makes it possible to identify critical points in time in order to initiate appropriate maintenance and repair measures in good time. This emphasises the importance of regular monitoring and assessment of sealing conditions to ensure long-term efficiency and service life.