Effects of abrasive media on mechanical seals

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We have conducted tests in our test laboratory to evaluate the effects of abrasive media on mechanical seals.
The tests were carried out on a centrifugal pump with a spring-mounted, sensorised mechanical seal made of silicon carbide. The aim was to record and document the influence of abrasive media on the seal. Water was used as the pumped medium and boron nitride, with which seals are also lapped, as the abrasive medium.

For the test environment, the pressure and suction sides of the pump were sealed in order to limit the amount of water and thus the lubricating medium for the mechanical seal. Leakage and dry running should thus be specifically brought out. If leakage occurs, the amount of water is reduced, which can lead to insufficient lubrication and ultimately to dry running.

Our results are promising and provide important insights for the use of mechanical seals in environments with abrasive media.

Soon we will publish detailed results of the trial.

Stay tuned as we continue to work on innovative solutions to improve the performance and reliability of mechanical seals. Together we are making industry safer and more efficient!